Information for organizations joining the Association of Russian Automakers

Eligible for membership of the Association can be organizations and companies (legal entities) engaged in or managing production of passenger cars, trucks, buses, bodies, trailers, parts and assemblies, R&D organizations working in the field of automotive industry, as well as other organizations and enterprises whose activities are connected with automotive industry, recognizing the Statute of the Association and capable to contribute to realization of the goals facing the Association. See the Statute of the Association here. Other information on the Association is placed on the website of the Association (

Admitted to membership of the Association can become a legal entity that has received recommendation of an Association member and has taken a corporate decision stipulated by the current law of the Russian Federation on membership in the Association.

Admittance of a new member of the Association is executed by the General meeting on the basis of an application submitted by the candidate to the Council of the Association. Decision on admittance shall be taken by a qualified majority of 2/3 votes of the Association members attending the General meeting.

The applicant must pay the entry fee and the regular (annual) membership fee within 10 days of the date of decision taken by the General meeting on admittance to the Association membership. The candidate is considered having joined the association as soon as the entry and annual fees are paid.

More detailed information can be obtained at the Executive Body of the OAR Council.