Main areas of the Association activities for 2020-2024

1. Implementation of measures provided by Decrees of President of the Russian Federation defining the "National Projects" and "National Goals of Development of the Russian Federation through 2030"
2. Implementation of the Strategy of the Russian Automotive Industry Development for the period through 2035
3. Expansion of the market of locally-made motor vehicles and renewal of the vehicle fleet
4. Implementation of the "Strategy of development of export of the automotive products"
5. Creation of autonomous (driverless) motor vehicles
6. Creation of electrified motor vehicles
7. Development of manufacturing innovative products of automotive industry in the Russian Federation
8. Informational support of development of automobile manufacturing
9. International cooperation
10. Protection of the market against illegal imports and trade turnover of counterfeit and falsified automotive products.
11. Professional qualifications in automotive industry.

See the plan of actions here: