New truck sales forcast for 2024

According to the baseline forecast scenario, in 2024, new truck sales will amount to 140.27 thousand units. Under the optimistic scenario, sales will reach 144.30 thousand units, while under the pessimistic scenario, they will reach 134.88 thousand units.
The baseline forecast scenario is based on the following prerequisites:

  • Sanctions against the Russian Federation will remain until the end of 2024.
  • In 2024, KAMAZ vehicle sales in the Russian market will increase by 6.67% on 2023. Other Russian and Belarusian brands will also increase sales, but their growth rates will be lower than those of KAMAZ.
  • In 2024, sales of Chinese brands in the Russian market will grow slightly (by 4.45%) on 2023. They will be negatively affected by the increased recycling tax for trucks.